Senior Software Engineer

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


VergeSense (YC S17) is building easy-to-deploy advanced occupancy sensors that help real estate professionals monitor foot-traffic within buildings. Data from our platform is used to improve building layout & design, execute dynamic workforce strategies, and reduce energy costs. For large clients, the financial impact is in the tens of millions per year.

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer that can jump and start being productive quickly. You would play a key role in helping to develop our user-facing analytics portal, deployment & commissioning tools, data-management tools, monitoring systems, and APIs. In addition, you will be a key team member to our new Minneapolis office located in the beautiful Capella Tower right downtown.

We like to move & iterate fast and believe in the outsized impact that a single team member can have on a company. You can expect to commit and ship code in your first week. A core philosophy of ours is simplicity - from product design, to engineering architecture, to our day-to-day working styles. Our team is experienced (previous successful exit in the IoT space), with a commitment to a sustainable working culture built for the long-haul.

Note: No Visa Sponsorship


Our current stack uses React.js, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, a variety of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies (AWS IoT, Redshift, DynamoDB), Periscope for data-science, and Tensorflow for machine-learning.




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